Hey there friends!  Liz the human just tried ZOYA nail polish in the color Apple, and she is extremely pleased with the results!

Hey look a tattoo!

The polish was a little thinner than Liz the human is used to, and she did have to apply three coats of this shade to produce the above results.

Apple is a light, shimmery green. And when I say shimmery I mean down right shimmery…but no huge chunks of glitter Liz the human finds irritating to remove.

Have you seen Wicked? Know the color of the “Wicked” Witch Elphaba’s skin? Apple greatly resembles that shade of green.

Charlie Brown and I (Pumpkin here hello humans :D) give ZOYA nail polish in Apple two front paws up, and Liz the human is extremely pleased. She’s even considering making this her “signiture” nail polish color.

Go check it out!

Liz the human here :)

I just want to apologize for being absent from this blog for so long.  Things got totally CRAYCRAY sooooo fast for me, but now things have settled down.

Expect more consistent reviews from now on :)

(if not you can step on my right big toe :P)

Liz here!

Today I used the Ammo Palette by Urban Decay to create a party/evening look for myself.

First of all, I adore Urban Decay.  I use several of their products on a daily basis…and I’m in love with it all.

Here is the Ammo Palette:

I used smog on the inner half of my lid, mildew on the outer half, last call in my crease, maui wowie on my outer corner, polyester bride on my inner corner, sin on my brow bone, and I used oil slick as a powder liner to line my upper lid.

Here is the result eyes open and shut:

I love this palette…absolutely love it.  You can create ANY kind of look with it.  PLUS it’s compact and easy to travel with.  It would take up almost no room in your purse, even a small clutch.  The shadow goes on pretty true to color.  I’ve found with most Urban Decay eye shadow I’ve used the darker the color the DARKER the color if that makes sense, darker colors almost go on thicker.  So use a little, I promise it goes a long way. 

I highly recommend this palette!  It’s $34.00 on the Urban Decay website and $34.00 on Sephora’s website as well.  The palette comes with a small eye shadow brush and a free sample of Urban Decay’s primer potion.

Go out and try it for yourself!